Hardware and Electrical Supply

The actors in the Hardware and Electrical Spare Parts Industry face a set of special logistics challenges. In a market where delivery capability and detailed stock control are critical.

GT WMS: Smart logistics solutions for the sector

At GT WMS, we understand the complexities and challenges of the logistics process in the sector. Our solution is designed to address these problems and offer tools and facilities that will boost the performance of your company. Here are some of our featured features:

1. Entry of merchandise under control: With GT WMS, you will be able to efficiently manage the receipt of merchandise, even in large volumes. Our software avoids delays and confusion by allowing the receipt of products in bulk or on multi-product pallets. In addition, you will be able to control everything that enters the warehouse, separating and grouping the products according to their type. We also offer the option of printing product or container labels as required.

2. Optimized discharge processes: The diversity of orders with variable product combinations requires an intelligent approach to the picking process. With GT WMS, you will be able to consolidate orders during preparation, using Picking Waves that minimize unnecessary movements within the warehouse and maximize the efficiency of your work team. In addition, our solution avoids the crossing of pieces during discharge, allowing partial or total deliveries from the same or different branches, optimizing the management of the packages to be dispatched.

3. Special features: GT WMS offers additional features for better control of your inventory, such as rotating inventory taking and automatic supply to picking areas. In addition, we facilitate sales processes over the counter by managing stock with supply priorities for customers present at the premises, without compromising orders from other sales channels.

4. Smart picking processes: Our solution allows you to manage multiple types of picking processes simultaneously, and generates waves of picking and automatic supply to picking areas, further optimizing your logistics operations.

5. Integration with external systems: GT WMS seamlessly integrates with external systems such as ERP or MRP, which guarantees an automatic update of the information corresponding to entry and exit orders. This interface with internal and external customers improves efficiency and communication in your supply chain.


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