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Route Planning

Increase efficiency in your delivery routes, reduce logistics costs, and gain customer satisfaction with the best last-mile software.

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Optimize your routes

Customized Reports

Monitor your fleet

Territorial Restrictions

Ensure successful deliveries

SaaS Platform

Real-time tracking

Integrable with GT TMS®.

Optimize your routes
forma eficiente 

Generate the most efficient routes to assign to your drivers by incorporating load limits, available schedules, and territorial restrictions.

◊ Add or remove stops per route.
◊ Change the sequence order of visits.

Real-time monitoring

Track the real-time location of your vehicles and drivers: their routes, stops, and whether they are on schedule with their deliveries.

◊ View on the map your failed deliveries or visits.

◊ Communicate with your drivers in case of contingencies.

Integrating with GT TMS ®​

It integrates with GT TMS®, adding intelligent routing to your distribution management.

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