Refrigerated Products

The storage and distribution management of refrigerated and
frozen products bring a series of specific logistical challenges.
In a market where delivery capacity and detailed stock control are critical.

Optimization of

We understand the importance of maintaining the cold chain in the logistics process of refrigerated and frozen products. Our solution is specifically designed to optimize the storage and tracking of these products, providing specialized tools and facilities. Here are some of our featured features:

storage of merchandise
según temperatura:

With GT WMS, you will be able to efficiently organize your inventory of refrigerated and frozen products. Our software allows you to designate specific locations, such as walk-in or warehouse areas, for products that require particular levels of cold. In this way, we guarantee that each product is stored in the right environment.

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of dates of

It is crucial to have a strict control over the expiration dates of refrigerated and frozen products. GT WMS gives you the ability to track the life cycle
of each product and avoid late deliveries. In this way, you guarantee the quality and freshness of your products.

Optimization of picking processes:

Con GT WMS, optimizamos los procesos de picking para mantener intacta la cadena de frío. Nuestro software te ayuda a conservar y proteger la temperatura adecuada durante la preparación y el despacho de los productos refrigerados y congelados. Esto asegura la integridad y la calidad de los productos entregados.

smart storage:

GT WMS is a multi-deposit and multi-camera system that adapts to your needs. You will be able to manage different types of racks, selective and penetrable positions, as well as different layout designs to maximize storage space. Our system guarantees the correct storage of products according to their required temperature, avoiding human errors and ensuring that the products maintain the necessary temperature at all times.

Controlled expiration date:

GT WMS offers you precise control and monitoring of expiration dates. You will be able to manage the blocking of products that are about to expire, avoiding unwanted shipments, and picking for deliveries based on specific expiration dates per customer. 

Optimal picking processes: GT WMS allows you to configure flexible exit logics, such as FEFO (First Expired, FirstOut) or FIFO (First In, First Out), and even custom attributes for each client. In addition, you can implement group picking, optimizing the process and avoiding unnecessary losses in the cold chain. You will prepare the products that do not require refrigeration at an initial stage and, when the order is ready to go out, you will complete the preparation with the refrigerated and frozen products.

Integration with external systems: GT WMS integrates seamlessly with external systems, such as ERP or MRP, which guarantees an automatic update of the information corresponding to entry and exit orders. This integration allows for a seamless interface with your internal and external customers, ensuring efficient and accurate management of orders for refrigerated and frozen products.