Drop shipping, order tracking, and serial number tracking are just a few of the features you will find in this ecosystem of solutions.


The inventory management solution for distribution companies

GT WMS is an inventory management solution designed specifically for companies in the distribution sector. Our WMS software has been widely adopted by wholesalers and distributors looking to optimize their logistics operations. Discover how GT WMS can benefit your business by exploring some of its most useful features below:


Con el módulo de consignación de GT WMS, podrás crear ubicaciones de consignación, órdenes de transferencia y órdenes de compra para mantener a los vendedores externos abastecidos con tus productos. De esta manera, garantizas un flujo constante de mercancía y una distribución eficiente.

Location tracking

There are no limits to the number of locations you can create with GT WMS. You will be able to accurately track inventory quantities and sales at each location, which will help you maintain proper stock levels and optimize your logistics operations.

Serial number management

Each item in your inventory can be labeled with a unique serial number. With GT WMS, you can perform comprehensive tracking of the quantity of each item and reorder it in a timely manner when needed. This functionality provides you with greater control over your products and helps prevent unnecessary losses.

Barcode scanning

Nuestra solución incluye una aplicación para dispositivos móviles Android que convierte tu dispositivo en un lector de códigos de barras. Podrás escanear fácilmente etiquetas de código de barras impresas desde GT WMS. lo que te permitirá realizar transferencias, hacer pedidos y recoger artículos de manera eficiente y precisa.


GT WMS offers integration possibilities with your current ERP. This integration ensures fluid communication between your systems and optimizes inventory and logistics management processes.